Current status: unemployed, bagpacking in Korea & Japan doing woofing, CouchSurfing and taking pictures.

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I'm Nima

I'm a developer, entrepreneur, manager, passionate about people, product, design and details. I also care about diversity and equality.

I was born and raised in the south of France where I had the chance to grow up in a persian culture.

After graduating from an engineering school I jumped into web technologies. As a software engineer I work mainly on front end and UX focused projects.

I previously co-founded a startup (CoursAvenue) in late 2012 until late 2015 when I was living in Paris. I worked as a freelancer for multiple companies and gave a few talks here and there I helped start I was previously lead developer at Shopify in MontrΓ©al.

During my free time I πŸ“Έ some photos, listen to podcasts 🎧, play 🎹 or 🎸, drink lattes β˜• and work on open source projects. Oh and I love traveling around the 🌎 πŸŒ πŸŒ! ✈️